Chris Carter storied Hall of Fame career is officially validate.

Bout time people.

Now, let’s talk about Randall Cunningham…


NFL Coaches That *Should* Be On The Hot Seat

Posted: October 29, 2012 by hofworthy in NFL, Philadelphia Eagles

#FireAndy has become one of our most used twitter hashtags, but what other coaches deserve to be there?

1. Andy Reid (1999 – present): 132-92-1 (overall records including postseason wins and losses)

2. Norv Turner (2007 – present): 52-35

3. Rex Ryan (2009 – present): 35-26

4. Jason Garrett (2011 – present): 16-14

5. Romeo Crennel (2012 – present): 3-6

This was from a link on Read the story here, but I’m curious to see if you think Stephen A. Smith should issue a formal apology?

Here’s his response video:



This is a weird response from someone who hasn’t done or said anything wrong. Methinks he doth protest too much. I think he truly believes that he didn’t say the word. Personally, I don’t think “did he?” or “didn’t he?” is the real issue. I think what puts me off is his knee-jerk reaction to the accusation, his awkward attempt to try to downplay and explain some of his offensive language as a product of his being “New York.” Really? If you didn’t say it. Just say you didn’t say it. That’s it.

The blessing and the curse of living in a constantly connected, internet-driven, blog, twitter, fb world is information is shared and disseminated in nano-seconds across a global audience.

So the audience becomes not only the consumer of the media, but the producer as well. We judge for ourselves what someone said or didn’t say. He simply can’t quell the noise of the crowd with some lame excuse about language dialect and being from New York. Either own up to it and formally apologize or deny it and move on.

I wonder if Rizzo has harsh words for the bat that had the audacity to hit is star 19 yr rookie in the face?

“That bat was gutless.”

“That wall that bounced the bat back at my boy’s face has no spine.”

“Those stitches holding his face together are not old-school.”

~ Mike Rizzo, GM Washington Nationals

Bryce Harper Hits His Own Face

Thing is, most of us could go to baseball games the rest of our lives and never even come close to a foul ball, let alone have the opportunity to make a great catch. This couple is on SportsCenter for all the wrong reasons.

After Sunday night’s game against the Nationals, Phillies’ pitcher Cole Hamels acknowledged that he intentionally threw a pitch that struck wunderkind Bryce Harper in the back. Hamels admitted to throwing at the 19 year old intentionally in an effort to “continue the old baseball because I think some people are getting away from it.”

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