Randall Cunningham

Posted: August 26, 2011 by hofworthy in NFL, Randall Cunningham

Randall Cunningham

The Argument:

In order to take an objective approach to arguing for the HOF worthiness of Randall Cunningham we’re going to start with the statistics.  That’s where every argument starts right?

So here is how we’re tackling this.  We’ve taken the time to research how Cunningham’s Passing YDs , Passing TDs, Passing Accuracy, Passer Rating, Rushing YDs, Rushing TDs, Wins, and Awards compare to the QBs that have already been inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

These posts will be coming in the next few days.  For many years, Randall Cunning was the standard bearer for the “mobile” quarterback.  We’re confident that Cunningham’s achievements  rank him among the elite QBs already in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

  1. Watch this YouTube video and decide for yourself about Randall Cunningham!

    The way he could move around in and out of the pocket, escape tackles, the guy was untouchable! And the jumps into the end zone?? He put it all on the line!!

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