Favorite Tweet O’ The Week

Posted: November 29, 2011 by hofworthy in Favorite Tweet O' The Week, NFL

These 3 by @OfficialReview made me laugh. Anything ripping on Andy brings a smile to my face nowadays.

@OfficialReview (Arie & Al)
“This Castillo defense does not stand a chance against Brady and the Patriots. It’s like Andy Reid vs. Mashed Potatoes. #Eagles”

“Andy Reid is out of magic…and consequently, out of his pocket Chicken Nuggets. #Eagles #Patriots”

“I haven’t seen Tom Brady that mad since the lady at the spa forgot the pumice during his foot massage.”

Check out the following tweet back and forth between Shane Victorino and Jimmy Rollins:

“BLACK FRIDAY in Maui set to begin heads up WALMART……..! Who’s there? Please be careful!”

“@ShaneVictorino you going to load up on some spam?!!!!

“@JimmyRollins11 already on order…..thinking of getting some pineapple for me and watermelon for you? Cool?”

This tweet interaction by the two teammates was funny mostly because of the responses from people. Many of the twitter replies were ragging on @ShaneVictorino for being a racist.  But who really started the racially insensitive comments?  What do you think?  Was @ShaneVictorino’s response in context of the banter back and forth or was it out of line?


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