NBA All-Ugly Team – Top 5 and Honorable Mentions

Posted: December 9, 2011 by hofworthy in Uncategorized

The NBA lockout is over.  Finally.

In honor the upcoming season, we kick off the celebration with a visit of the NBA’s All-Ugly Team.

Here are our finalists:

Top 5:

Sam Cassell – The ugliest point guard to ever grace the NBA hardwood floors.

Charles Barkley – Top 5 power forward of all time?  Possibly.  All-Ugly Team Top 5.  No question.

Scottie Pippen – Could never look up to Jordan’s shadow (he might turn to stone).  Widely known that a major part of the reason why Jordan retired twice was to get away from his ugly mug.

Adam Morrison – Creepy.

Gheorge Muresan – Wow.  I mean just wow.

Honorable Mention:

Chris Kaman – The ugly kid growing up, who never outgrew his ugliness.

Shelden Williams – Look at the size of his heed.  It’s the size of Sputnik!

Joakim Noah – Goofy face.  Goofy teeth.  Goofy hair

Pau Gasol – Why the long face, Pau?

Greg Oden – ‘Nuff said.

Agree or disagree?  Who did we miss?  Who else should be included on the NBA’s All-Ugly Team?

  1. scott cramer says:

    Kurt Rambis. No question, end the debate. Remove Barkley and add him. Also he’ll be available for your top 5 creepy list.

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