What’s Your Soul Glo?

Posted: April 1, 2012 by hermutations in baseball
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Music is as much a part of professional sporting events as the officials. In a lot of ways sport gives life to many songs most of us would never listen to on our own. (And yet somehow you bought this album).

Seriously-watch this and tell me you think arena rock is any good outside said arena… Actually, after watching that video I think that song should forever be disassociated with all sports.

Lest you think music is confined strictly to arena sports, keep in mind that baseball teams have had live organ players since 1941 when the Chicago Cubs brought in an organist for a one day gimmick. The “gimmick” proved to be so popular that organ music is as much a part of the baseball experience as peanuts and Cracker Jack.

Other than for the National Anthem, in what sport other than baseball are musical traditions so deep that 50,000 people will rise to their feet to sing a simple song about the pleasures of attending that sport? Certainly other sports have fight songs with deep roots but Take Me Out to the Ballgame is ubiquitous within the game itself and is a song that is nearly 110 years old!

Music in baseball goes deeper than that though. During a game, home players are introduced with music that they have chosen as they come to the plate or are announced coming in from the bullpen. Players personalize the intro songs and in a small way the fan gets to know the players they are cheering for a little more based on the players song selection. Basketball and Football both have player introductions with music-some of which are pretty awesome. But baseball intro songs occur some 40 times a game and are less about hype and more about personality and defining the moment. (ok-so it’s a little about the hype.)

So I ask, what is your intro song? In your job and in your daily dealings what song or songs, or small clip from a song would best define the moment for you? I’ve amused myself asking this question about myself over the past few weeks. The song(s) you’re thinking of right now are probably much more how you think of yourself than how others think of you but it’s still fun to dream. I see me walking through the halls of the Junior High School where I’m a teacher in much the same way Mariano Rivera enters a Yankees game-to Metallica’s Enter Sandman. I’m thinking something like “Don’t you dare bring that milk outside of the cafeteria!” Yup-me and Mariano-it’s all business, no messing around, lights out when we get the call.

Actually when I have parent-teacher conferences I introduce myself to Coldplay’s The Scientist. I’m kidding-I only do this during staff meetings when I have something to share. It’s why I always walk around with a boom box.

Some of the clips below are a little old but check them out and tell us what is the best intro music in baseball and then tell us what your intro song would be….

The Mets: Because you’ll have nothing else to watch this season…

The Rangers: I’m actually a fan of Elvis Andrus’ walk up song, Josh Hamilton has about a million songs to choose from too.

The Brewers – mmm… beer.

The Pirates – here’s one that fits for the Pirates 2012.

I think this video is so bad it has the potential to go viral. Another Pirates song might be by this relatively unknown:
Chuk Wun’s Pirates Theme Song


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