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Chris Carter storied Hall of Fame career is officially validate.

Bout time people.

Now, let’s talk about Randall Cunningham…


Yesterday Michael Vick broke Randall Cunningham’s career rushing record for a quarterback on a 53-yard sprint. I had mixed feelings about this to say the least. I’m not known to be a dog lover per se and I hold no grudges toward Michael Vick based upon his chronicled criminal past. However, the rushing record came in a game where Vick threw 4 interceptions en route to the Eagles’ fourth straight loss of what is already becoming an almost forgettable season for the birds.



Posted: August 26, 2011 by hofworthy in Hall of Fame

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But in the interest of full disclosure the authors of this blog (Phil and Jay) are both from the Philadelphia area.  Thus our natural sports rooting interests are towards the hometown teams.

That said, the goal of this blog is to have an objective discussion on why or why not a sports star is worthy of being inducted as a member of their sports’ respective Hall of Fame.