Music is as much a part of professional sporting events as the officials. In a lot of ways sport gives life to many songs most of us would never listen to on our own. (And yet somehow you bought this album).

Seriously-watch this and tell me you think arena rock is any good outside said arena… Actually, after watching that video I think that song should forever be disassociated with all sports.

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Baseball, it is said, is only a game. True. And the Grand Canyon is only a hole in Arizona. Not all holes, or games, were created equal. Read the rest of this entry »

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Opening Day. Soooo close.

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The finalists are announced:

  1. Curtis Martin, RB
  2. Cortez Kennedy, DT
  3. Willie Roaf, OT
  4. Chris Doleman, DE
  5. Dermontti Dawson, C
  6. Jack Butler, CB (Pre-Modern Era)

It’s a shame that Chris Carter was not elected into the HOF yet again. This was his 5th year of eligibility. There appears to be an anti-wide receiver bias anyway, but Chris Carter was the victim of bad timing and overshadowed by arguably one of the best football players to ever lace up, otherwise known as the “Jerry Rice effect.” Carter was a phenomenal talent, and his stats over 16 years prove him to be one of the top 5 receivers of all time (at the time of his retirement). Time will be Carter’s ally eventually. It just wasn’t this time, but it soon will be.

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Why I’m a Football Libertarian

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Hands off Brady!

Hands off Mrs. Brady!

With the rise (or re-rise) of Ron Paul’s popularity over the last two national election cycles the ideas of Libertarianism have become much more main stream among political thinkers and ignoramuses (ignorami?) alike. Ron Paul may take credit for bringing Libertarian dialogue to the forefront but then perhaps it’s the timing of his message-a time when governmental oversight and control is reaching an apex in America.

Americans are hungry for this message.  They can’t help but watch as the economy goes down the drain along with myriads of jobs even while government spends billions and trillions into bailing out big corporations and paying for political pet projects and social programs. We certainly don’t intend for this to be a political blog, but the parallels between the national political scene and the National Football League are uncanny. Read the rest of this entry »

The HOF Semi-finalists 2012

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Here are the finalists for 2012 –

15 Modern-era Finalists:

  1. Chris Carter (WR)
  2. Tim Brown (WR)
  3. Andre Reed (WR)
  4. Jerome Bettis (RB)
  5. Curtis Martin (RB)
  6. Will Shields (OT)
  7. Bill Parcells (Coach)
  8. Cortez Kennedy (DT)
  9. Aeneas Williams (DB)
  10. Chris Doleman (DE)
  11. Kevin Greene (DE)
  12. Charles Haley (DE)
  13. Dermontti Dawson (C)
  14. Willie Roaf (OT)
  15. Eddie DeBartalo Jr (Owner)

2 Senior Nominees:

  1. Jack Butler
  2. Dick Stanfel

The Hall’s selection committee meets in Indianapolis next month. A finalist must receive 80 percent of the vote to be selected.  Between four and seven enshrinees (the maximum is 5 modern era and 2 senior nominees) will be announced the day before the Super Bowl on Feb. 5, and inducted in August in the Hall’s 50th class.

Here are our Top 5 modern-era finalists:

  1. Chris Carter
  2. Andre Reed
  3. Curtis Martin
  4. Bill Parcells
  5. Cortez Kennedy

Who Would You Vote For?


NBA All-Ugly Team – Top 5 and Honorable Mentions

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The NBA lockout is over.  Finally.

In honor the upcoming season, we kick off the celebration with a visit of the NBA’s All-Ugly Team.

Here are our finalists:

Top 5:

Sam Cassell – The ugliest point guard to ever grace the NBA hardwood floors.

Charles Barkley – Top 5 power forward of all time?  Possibly.  All-Ugly Team Top 5.  No question.

Scottie Pippen – Could never look up to Jordan’s shadow (he might turn to stone).  Widely known that a major part of the reason why Jordan retired twice was to get away from his ugly mug.

Adam Morrison – Creepy.

Gheorge Muresan – Wow.  I mean just wow.

Honorable Mention:

Chris Kaman – The ugly kid growing up, who never outgrew his ugliness.

Shelden Williams – Look at the size of his heed.  It’s the size of Sputnik!

Joakim Noah – Goofy face.  Goofy teeth.  Goofy hair

Pau Gasol – Why the long face, Pau?

Greg Oden – ‘Nuff said.

Agree or disagree?  Who did we miss?  Who else should be included on the NBA’s All-Ugly Team?