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I wonder if Rizzo has harsh words for the bat that had the audacity to hit is star 19 yr rookie in the face?

“That bat was gutless.”

“That wall that bounced the bat back at my boy’s face has no spine.”

“Those stitches holding his face together are not old-school.”

~ Mike Rizzo, GM Washington Nationals

Bryce Harper Hits His Own Face


What’s Your Soul Glo?

Posted: April 1, 2012 by hermutations in baseball
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Music is as much a part of professional sporting events as the officials. In a lot of ways sport gives life to many songs most of us would never listen to on our own. (And yet somehow you bought this album).

Seriously-watch this and tell me you think arena rock is any good outside said arena… Actually, after watching that video I think that song should forever be disassociated with all sports.